Pix'n Love Rush

Pix'n Love Rush 4.0

Inspired Retro Platforming


  • Simple, addictive gameplay
  • Really cool retro graphics
  • Perfect on the go gaming


  • Getting a million points to unlock more features will be too hard for some


Pix'n Love Rush is inspired by all the classic jump and run games of the 80s. Help your guy jump and shoot his way around fast-paced, short levels to score so he can get cake!

Gameplay in Pix'n Love Rush is certainly simple - on any level you have to collect plus signs, avoid negatives, shoot bats and protect (not shoot) angels. When you do this for a while, you build up combos, and each one will transform the screen with another retro look. Do really well and the Pix'n Love Rush transforms into a gray-green Gameboy look, which looks great.

Pix'n Love Rush has simple controls, and the only negative thing about them is that the jump and shoot buttons are sometimes easy to miss when you panic! This is more of a problem with the iPhone in general, which doesn't handle digital controls as well as physical controls do.

This is essentially a frantic high score-chasing game. It feels right when you're playing, and the short rounds of Pix'n Love Rush make it a perfect portable arcade game. There are worldwide scoreboards if you're good enough, and and an addition mode, Infinite, once you've broken the million point mark on five minute mode.

For a quick burst of gaming that's really addictive and rewarding, Pix'n Love Rush is about as good as it gets on the iPhone. Great!

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Pix'n Love Rush


Pix'n Love Rush 4.0

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